Tech Savvy Elders at Dubbo

Here we are at Dubbo where students and community came together to connect and learn about technology from the past and the future. The day was a great success and it was great to see that the students learned a lot from the elders and the elders learned a lot from the students.

A big thank you, the Dubbo LAECG, the Aboriginal team in the Department of Education, students from the local schools and most importantly, all the Elders from the community.

About the program

Tech Savvy Elders is a program that invites Aboriginal Elders and students to learn and share together with technology, the internet and tablet devices.

Events are held within local community centres and school locations at which Elders learn alongside students. Employing an intergenerational approach, students support Elders with their learning through demonstrating, explaining and coaching them in using a digital device. Students then interview Elders about their stories and record the interview using tablet devices.

The Tech Savvy Elders program provides Aboriginal seniors a chance to share their knowledge and insights with young people and the broader community. In so doing, the program allows us to appreciate and acknowledge the wealth of wisdom and breadth of life experience that seniors have to share.

Importantly, Elders and their communities retain the ownership of their stories as they are edited and uploaded to their Storylines Community site for future generations to share in and learn from.

To be part of your community’s TSE program please contact us via phone on (02) 9057 8000 to receive your local starting times, location information and formal invitation.

Story Contributed by Lyn Brown from the Burraga Foundation. Published in 2018.